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Please read ExCLUEsive Games (hereinafter we, our, us) general terms and conditions carefully as these affect your right and obligation in this terms and conditions with regard to English law. By purchasing the game experience or gift voucher from us, you accept our Terms and Conditions policy. We reserve the right to update and modify our terms and conditions at our sole discretion without prior notice.

1. Games, booking, gift voucher, promotion and Covid-19

1.1 Our games are designed between 2-8 people to be participated at the time depending on the game session chosen. The minimum team size is 2 while the maximum is 8. We may be able to accommodate more than the maximum number of players in the selected game room. Additional charge for any extra player over the limit is £20. In the event that fewer people want to attend the session than it is originally booked, no refund will be offered on the price set out. When more people turn up than originally booked, the price difference must be settled upon arrival as latest.

1.2 You must be 16 years of age or above to purchase a game experience. You are not permitted to book/ purchase a game session if you are less than 16 years; therefore, we have the right to cancel your booking and shall not be liable for any loss of your fees or refund.

1.3 The live game room sessions are available to view on our website. We only accept booking for our game session on the online booking system and you must keep the confirmation email.

1.4 By purchasing and/ or participating in the game experience you accept and agree to keep all the obtained information confidential, and you refrain from disclosing or publishing any information fully to any third party. We would like our players to tell and inform others about our live experience, but you agree not to spoil other people’s game or our business by exposing our Trade Secrets. You accept that we have all rights to take legal action against any infringement or violation.

1.5 By completing a booking for our game experience you accept and agree to take full responsibility and liability for yourself and your whole team. You are also responsible for making sure your team behaves appropriately and they are not doing any dangerous activities that would result in any accident which could affect their health and well-being. We reserve the right not to be liable to any of these events.

1.6 There are set prices available for our game sessions. We reserve the right to amend and modify our prices and offers any time without prior notice. Please note that we do not take responsibility therefore will not be liable for any price difference may occur at the time you purchased your or a game experience than booked your game session in or not booked in yet. We do not offer refunds on any price difference that may occur.


1.7 We offer gift vouchers to purchase. They are valid for 5 months from the date of purchase. We do not take responsibility for you not redeeming your voucher or the total value of it within its validity. We do not refund any gift vouchers or partial value of it.  Any expired gift vouchers can be extended by additional time (based on a new voucher expiry date) for a cost of £25. Please contact us for further details. Some types of vouchers may be included in seasonal promotions (such as Black Friday offers) or other kinds of offers (prizes) which cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers and they will be excluded Saturdays.


1.8 We may run promotions from time to time. We reserve the right to modify, cancel or limit any promotion or offer without any prior notice and we will not be liable to any events that may occur. Any purchased game experience at a discounted price can only be used within its promotional period. It only can be rescheduled to an alternative date, out of the promotional period, in case you pay for the price difference of the full price ticket that may arise. Please note that no offers (including raffle prizes or any other prizes) can be used in conjunction with any other promotions. We reserve the right to cancel any booking that was made ignoring this policy and will not be liable to any events that may occur.

1.9 COVID-19 pandemic had an effect on redeeming many gift vouchers purchased since the end of 2019. Covid-19 affected everyone's life and many businesses suffered during those years and we appreciate that many of you supported us during those years. During each lockdown (first national lock-down started 23rd March 2020 - third one ended and we re-opened our door on 17th May 2021) we extended then later on we offered a 'COVID specific gift voucher' and officially no more vouchers are honoured since Autumn 2021. As we were supported during that period now we want to do the same and expect you to contact us by e-mail till 31.12.2024 with all the voucher details required to look into if there is anything we can do for you not to lose out on the experience, otherwise any gift vouchers are affected by our standard policy as per in point 1.7 therefore no refund is offered in any cases may arise.

2. Payments, cancellation and refund


2.1 We run live game events therefore any cancellation of a game experience must be done in writing with a valid reason at least 48 hours (2 full days) prior to the commencement of the game session day. Any cancellation made within 48 hours prior to the booking day will result in a cost of £25. In case you do not turn up or cancel your booking on the day of the commencement of your game session this will result in a fee of £50. Please note, we do not offer refunds in the event of cancellation unless you meet the criteria in 2.3. Any booking has been cancelled, postponed for any reasons we will offer you a gift voucher. You are liable to rearrange your booking. In case you wish to reschedule your bookings over 48 h prior your booking can be done only once which should not exceed 3 months of the original date of the booking. In case you fail to follow this process, we will not be liable for any of your loss.

2.2 We only accept card payment on our website. We do not take cheques or deposit. It is your responsibility to settle the payment in advance to your booking and keep the proof of this. When booking is completed, you get a confirmation email about it that includes a lot of useful information.

2.3 We do not offer a refund if your session has been cancelled and postponed by any reason. If you have requested a cancellation and refund prior to your scheduled booking, that must be at least 10 working days in advance and completed by a card payment, in writing with a valid reason we can offer you a refund only to the person who completed the transaction. Please note, we will not be liable for any cost that occurs during the refund process. There is a transaction (2.5% of the total amount paid, but min. £1.50) and also a processing fee (admin fee: £15) applying to this process before receiving money back into your account which may take 5-10 working days.

3. Car parking

3.1 We have got some allocated parking spaces at our venue, however due to the limitation of it we can only provide 1 car park space per game session or it is subject to availability. If you require an additional parking space such as you are a large group of a team then it is your responsibility to find some available space on the road or in the area prior to the start time of your session. There are other businesses and residential properties in our yard. Please respect that and their own allocated parking spaces. In event by failing with this or any difficulty has occurred on this matter we reserve the right to suspend the game until it has not been resolved (without any extra time during the game session) or cancel the game with no option for any refund or reschedule. We ask you to make sure any belongings in your car are kept secured and covered. It is your responsibility to use our designated parking area and spaces correctly. We will not be liable for any loss of your belonging and/ or damage to your car. 

4. General rules


4.1 Please note that we run live game sessions therefore we require that all players are available promptly before their game starts. We recommend that you arrive no earlier than 5 min prior to your scheduled time. We do not offer a waiting area at our venue, we only open our door when we are ready for your session and also any teams can get in altogether. We understand that there are circumstances that are beyond your capability sometimes, we therefore accept 10 min lateness, and however over this time we may count off 15 minutes of your game session allowance. Please note on 30 minutes lateness or no show at all the session will be cancelled. We cannot offer a reschedule or refund on any of these events.

4.2 Please note that we do not have the facilities for more than one group to be accommodated in our waiting area at the time, we therefore make every effort to offer convenience for you as we can. We will not be liable for any inconvenience that may affect you.

4.3 We provide secure lockers for personal belongings. You are not permitted to take personal belongings in the game rooms. Due to the nature of the game experience, depending on the game room, you are not permitted to wear things like a long necklace, scarf or anything that can be potentially dangerous for you during the game. Please note that we are not obligated to keep your belongings in any circumstances. The lockers are free of charge.

4.4 You are not permitted to take pictures, film or record any part of the game room or equipment used for your game experience therefore it is prohibited to bring mobile phone, photographer, camcorder, tablet or any other devices which are capable to take pictures, record films or audios into the game room and in a situation you bring any of these items in, we disallow to make use of any of the gadget. It’s prohibited to use, copy distribution, public display or creation of any imitative work from ExCLUEsive Games. You accept that we have all rights to take legal action against any infringement.

4.5 You accept that you do not attend or access our site under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other substances. This is prohibited. We also do not tolerate any abusive, violent, inappropriate behaviour or language on our site towards our team or others. We will terminate your session immediately and not be liable for your fee loss.

4.6 You are not permitted to access any facilities, rooms of ours without any permission from our team. We have the right to terminate your game session in case of inappropriate behaviour. We will not be liable for your fee loss.

4.7 You are not permitted to bring any food or drinks, animals or pets to your game room. Some of our game rooms are not suitable for disabled people due to the nature of the game activity. There are some elements involved in our games or the layout of the game room(s) which make that impossible for them to complete.

4.8 The game rooms are designed around window facilities and when we can we'll provide fresh air during your event. We use an automated air climate-controlled system throughout the year therefore you'll always enjoy your game at the right temperature.

4.9 Before starting any game session we run a few minutes introduction. The length of this depends on how experienced the players are. Following the introduction you accept to handle our facilities, tools, equipment with good care. In the event of any damage caused by or accident occurred by not following our instructions, forcing any tools/ equipment and it caused any damage or just simple carelessness; you will be fully liable for the cause of the damage. You accept that we have the right to seek full compensation for any damage you have caused for us. We have the right to terminate your session immediately on these events as above. We will not be liable for the loss of your fee.

4.10 We only accept feedback in writing via our contact email address,, only in English. Our aim is to handle any kind of feedback in a reasonable short period of time.

5. Age, Health conditions

5.1 Before purchasing a game experience, we strongly recommend that you get professional medical advice for those with any deformed heart conditions, hypertension, claustrophobia or similar conditions. It is your sole responsibility if you part in any game session with these health conditions above. You accept that you are responsible for your own safety during the game session therefore you will not do any activity to risk it. You accept that we will not be liable for any kind of injury, damage or inconvenience suffered during or after our game session.

5.2 Unfortunately, our site is not designed for a battery-operated wheelchair access. We will not be liable if you have a valid game session with us, but cannot have access to the game room due to the oversized wheelchair. No refund will be offered.

5.3 Due to the nature of the escape game children under the age of 10 are not recommended taking part in these games, especially as a group, unless they are part of an adult team and older than 8. Our games may be too demanding for anyone under the age of 8 therefore they may not fully enjoy the game session. Players over the age of 10, but under 16 must be accompanied by one adult supervisor who takes full responsibility for them for any circumstances that may occur.

5.4 You accept not leaving any children unattended on our site any time. Due to the nature of our live games we have no facility to accommodate anyone who is not taking part in our game session. We have the right to terminate your session. We will not be responsible for the loss of your fee.

6. Website, data protection, Social media, copyright

6.1 (hereinafter website) offers this website, including information, products and services available from this website or offered as part of or in conjunction with this website, to you “the user” conditioned upon your acceptance of all our terms and conditions. The website is owned by the owner and operator of ExCLUEsive Games. We reserve the right to make any changes to this website and its content from time to time without prior notice.

6.2 We do our best to keep our website up-to-date and with accurate information. Neither we nor any third parties provide any guarantee as to the accuracy, performance, completeness or suitability of the information and contents found on the website for any particular purpose. You acknowledge that such information and contents may contain inaccuracies or errors and we expressly exclude liability for any such inaccuracies or errors to the fullest extent.

6.3 The contents of the website are for your general information and use only. Your use of any information or content on the website is entirely at your own risk, for which we shall not be liable. You may not copy, modify, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, publish, license, and create derivative works from this website without the written consent of us.

6.4 By accepting our terms and conditions, we may collect your personal information and store it for a certain period of time. We will not share this information with any third parties unless you allow us in writing. We meet the requirements of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) about how we use your personal information. Please read our Privacy Policy for further details. We also ensure that the privacy of your personal information is protected.

6.5 Escape Room venues are offering a memorable experience to their customers and it is a common practice for taking a team photo after your escape challenge. Our aim is to make your experience the most memorable one therefore we offer you that photo to be taken only by us. We use different ways to make it available for you. The most common practice it is we may upload your team photo on our social media platform(s) where you can download it any time and so it is available for your team. We reserve the right to use this common practice and we may use photos for marketing purposes, but not sharing it with any third parties. In case you do not wish that photo to be taken or only take and share it with please let us know. In this case we will not upload your photo on any of our social media platforms. If you wish your photo to be removed from our social media platform(s) please contact us and we will do so.


6.6 Our website may include links from time to time to other third-party web websites. These links are to provide further information to you which are out of our control. We shall not be liable for the content or usage of these link websites by you.

6.7 We would like to keep our customers up to date on relevant news, offers and promotions from time to time via email. We'd like you to stay with us, but if you wish not to continue receiving our newsletters or promotions then you can unsubscribe any time and this will remove your contact details from our marketing database.

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